Support a mentoring match and help make a difference

When we match a child of a prisoner with a mentor, we are supporting them at a time when they most need consistency and stability in their lives.  Mentoring is not for everyone, but anyone can help make a difference to the life of a child with a parent in prison by becoming a sponsor.

Working directly with children of prisoners so they lead positive lives is an intervention that can help reduce future crime, poverty, welfare dependency and the cost of these social issues to New Zealand.  By sponsoring just one child of a prisoner to have a positive future, you are helping to make generational change that impacts our whole community.

Download our sponsorship brochure and sign-up form here:

Sponsorship of Pillars Children's Mentoring Programme brochure

Mentoring sponsorship form


Investment in positive futures

Ward and Darryn

Investing in children first

New Zealand sadly has a statistic we should not be proud of and that is that we incarcerate almost 10,000 people a year.  With the government announcing in 2016 that another $1 billion will be invested in prison beds over the next few years, more children are going to have a parent in prison.

Pillars response to that is that we wish that money could go into health and education for our children.  But there is only so much government funding to address all of the social issues we face. Pillars focus is to mentor 500 children of prisoners in vulnerable communities by 2020.


We need your help to recruit train, and support our volunteer mentors to work with these 500 children over the next fives years.  How you can do that is by becoming a sponsor of the Pillars Children's Mentoring Programme. This is an investment in these children before they head down path where they need those prison beds which cost the taxpayer almost $100,000 per year per prisoner. Nobody wants to make that kind of investment. Support Pillars and help us help these children on the right path.

Sponsorship Success


Wannabe gang member turns his life around

Darryn has grown up in South Auckland and enjoys building things and cooking. Darryn struggled after his Dad went to prison. He was not attending school and being troublesome at home. It turned out Darryn was being actively recruited by a gang and was feeling scared and pressured but also tempted to find a sense of belonging and empowerment with this group.

Puneet owns his own successful importing and distribution business in Auckland. He recently become a father for the first time. Puneet is passionate about children staying in school in order to do well so was
attracted to the Pillars programme for the impact we
make in that area.

Pillars provided support to Puneet to help him navigate his mentoring relationship and stay consistent
in Darryn’s life. Together we helped Darryn see alternative routes in his life and now he is doing well
in a new school. He has re-established healthy family relationships and friendships.

Puneet supports Pillars fundraising aims through his business so more children like Darryn can get a mentor.  Click here to see Darryn and Puneet's story.



Become a sponsor

100% of your investment goes directly to impacting a child so they can have the gift of a mentor

The long-term nature of Pillars one-to-one mentoring relationships provides stability that is critically
important for the vulnerable children we support. We ask our volunteer mentors to commit for a minimum of 12 months. The average cost of a mentoring match is $3,000 as outlined in the table at the back our brochure:  Sponsorship of Pillars Children's Mentoring Programme brochure

You can elect to sponsor a mentoring match coordinated by our Pillars team in either South Auckland or Christchurch. The $3,000 helps fund the direct costs to recruit, train and support a mentoring match for one year. This includes covering the cost of rigorous screening and training of a mentor, the ongoing supervision and support of the relationship for mentor and mentee, and providing cultural and social activities to enrich opportunities for the child.

Download our application form here: Mentoring-sponsorship-sign-up-form

Please do contact us to discuss your options for sponsorship and payment plans.




Business sponsorship

Mentor Oli
Mentor & Sponsor Oli

Building Pillars

Helping the community is good for business but for the most part our business sponsors just want to help a local charity. One thing that they know is working directly with some of the most vulnerable children in our community and giving them an opportunity to do well in life is the best investment their money can buy.

In Christchurch, local construction firm Morel Construction have started a business network called Building Pillars. Morel Construction sponsor three Canterbury children to have a mentor and have invited their suppliers, customers, networks and friends to do the same.

One of the members of this network is Pillars volunteer mentor
Oli Newman who has his own landscaping business.  Oli has been mentoring Tane* for about two years now and could see the impact that having the right support can make on a young person's life who needs guidance to make good choices.

This guidance from Oli has given him a real sense of achievement at a time when things were pretty tough with his Dad in prison.  Oli has been teaching him skills like lawn mowing to help him get into part me work while at high school.  They are both mad Crusader’s rugby fans. The great news is now that he has left school he is working full time in landscaping and planning to do an apprenticeship.  Oli has joined the sponsorship programme with his business so more children like Tane can get a mentor.