Leave a gift that keeps on giving

A Lasting Gift                                        

If you are passionate about leaving a lasting legacy for the work of PILLARS, you can arrange to leave us a legacy in your will. This is an incredibly significant way to support future generations of kiwi children and help break the cycle of intergenerational offending.

What Is A Legacy?
A legacy is an allocation you make in your Will where you may choose to leave money or an asset.

The most common forms are:

  • Giving a gift of cash or an asset
  • Giving a percentage of your estate
  • Giving the residue of your estate after you have provided for those close to you
  • Giving all or part of your life insurance

How Will PILLARS Benefit?
Should you pass, your bequest will ensure that we continue working with children and whanau of prisoners in Aotearoa/New Zealand, breaking the cycle of intergenerational offending.

It will also allow PILLARS to continue its community and education programmes to change the culture and attitudes.

You may choose a specific project or area of your choice within the range of services offered by PILLARS, or you may elect to offer your gift to PILLARS to be allocated across all areas of our work.

What Do I Need To Do?
You will need a Will to make a legacy and most people have their Will drawn up by their solicitor.

What If I Already Have A Will?
If you have already made a Will but are now interested in supporting PILLARS with a legacy, you can do so by adding a codicil. This is an addition to your will which would include a bequest to PILLARS.

Can I Talk To Someone At PILLARS About This?
Of course. Even if it’s just to ask us some questions, we’d love to talk with you about this. Please contact our office on – 021 377 940