Royal Visit to Pillars

Despite the wet afternoon, there was excitement and lots of smiles at Pillars, in Manukau, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited recently.

The royal couple were there to present the awards to the four young people who had been chosen as the recipients of the Government’s wedding gift to their Royal Highnesses. Pillars received the $5000 gift and used it for special awards.
The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern also visited Pillars at the same time.

In the early afternoon, many Pillars families and other invited guests arrived at the Pillars office to prepare for the visit. They were entertained by the New Zealand Police Barbershop in Blue Quartet from South Auckland and by Mike King, a mental health advocate and public speaker.
The four award winners and their families were privileged to meet the Duke and Duchess before they entered the hall to talk about their achievements and plans for the future.

The royal couple then presented the awards to the young people in front of all the Pillars families, volunteers, and staff.
Seven-year-old, Ghianna Angi, presented the Duchess with a bouquet and the royal couple were also gifted two matching Pillars hoodies.
Chair of the Pillars Board, Liz Gordon said that Pillars was delighted to have received the invitation to host the royal couple and was grateful for their high level of interest in the activities of Pillars.