Pillars has a wide range of programmes & services available

Every year, 23,000 children throughout New Zealand suffer the distress and heartache of losing a dad and/or mum, due to imprisonment.

These children often live in poor households, with a parent or carer who is often forced to relocate, and who themselves may be struggling to cope.

Many of these children are dealing with shame, embarrassment, stigma and loneliness. Most of us will have experienced stress in our lives but that stress is usually short-lived, and we can recover afterwards. Thousands of children are sadly living in environments where hope doesn’t exist, paying for crimes they did not commit.


Pillars provides;

Support programmes to children who have a parent in prison, their caregivers and family and whanau.

Pillars has a range of services available which also link with other services in the community.




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Pillars Expands our Tamariki and Rangatahi’s Inner Strength and Builds on Mentoring Connections

Providing tamariki and rangatahi with quality mentor relationships has always been a main priority for Pillars.

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