Pillars work is carried out by a dedicated
team of trained staff and dedicated volunteers throughout NZ

Pillars was founded by Verna McFelin in 1988 and today Pillars has developed into a national organisation upholding the rights of children of people in prison.  For 32 years Verna worked tirelessly to lead Pillars, advocating for the rights of children of people in prison. Now retired, Pillars is led by General Manager Maxine Gay.

Pillars punches above its weight in the international field of development policies and practices.  Verna was instrumental in creating the Children’s Bill of Rights for children who have a parent in prison.

Pillars has a team of specialist staff delivering Pillars services throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. There is also a team of incredible volunteers, who give up their weekends and spare time to mentor hundreds of children who are facing some of the most challenging and difficult times in their lives.

Meet our Executive Management Team below.

Pillars Executive Management Team

Maxine Gay
General Manager

Maxine Pairama
Practice Manager

Jennifer Harper
Operations Manager

Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou Calls for Immediate Implementation of Care Plans for Children of People Serving a Sentence

We are calling for urgent legislative action and policy…

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