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Pillars Provides Back To School Essentials

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Fueling our rangatahi's learning has taken priority in February.

Back-to-school snacks, stationery and supermarket vouchers have been gifted to whānau to help with the financial pressures the back-to-school period brings.

85% of our tamariki and rangatahi struggle at school. As children and young people navigate their parents’ incarceration, this often has a decisive impact on their ability to engage at school. Sometimes, this is due to the child’s emotional wellbeing. Other times, it may be because the family have needed to uproot their entire lives. Many families are living in survival mode, forcing schooling to take a back seat. This in turn has a long-term effect on young people’s access to future opportunities, contributing to intergenerational cycles of poverty and inequity.

Our whānau said : "The pack had exactly what she needed for school so saved me money, "the snack packs will be good for their lunchboxes, something different" "thanks for the stationery and all the pens, we all use them at home"

Making the back-to-school period easier is essential to keep our rangatahi on the road to success. Putting wrap around support systems in place ensures brighter futures for our tamariki and rangatahi.

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