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Supporting Positive Futures for Tamariki of People Serving a Sentence

Children of people in prison are the most vulnerable in our community.

When a parent goes to prison, the children left behind have an uncertain future. As well as the possibility of less family resources or a change of school or caregiver, they must also learn to live with the stigma of being the child of a person in prison.

And none of this is the fault of the child.

Pillars works with these children and their families to help them all have lives which are positive and contribute to healthy and successful futures.

We do this through programmes which range across mentoring for the children and wrap around services for the families and whanau. We work in prisons and the community and have a team of well trained, experienced staff around the country.

Pillars is committed to helping every child become the best person they choose to be in the future.


children living with a parent in prison


years caring for the children of New Zealand


hours of support by Pillars Volunteer Mentors each year

How can you help?

Pillars is a children’s charity any New Zealander can feel proud to support. By supporting just one child of a prisoner to have a positive future, you are helping to break a cycle and strengthen our community.

Support a child
Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work

Pillars Expands our Tamariki and Rangatahi’s Inner Strength and Builds on Mentoring Connections

Providing tamariki and rangatahi with quality mentor relationships has always been a main priority for Pillars.

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