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Don't Criminalise our Children. Stop the Ram Raid Bill

Updated: Jun 20

children of people in prison are children of promise and potential. Stop the ram raid bill

Like the vast majority of New Zealanders, we want a more just, more inclusive Aotearoa.

We want a society where our children and young people are cared for, loved, and provided with their basic needs. We want people within our communities to feel that they belong, to feel connected, to feel that their voices are heard and that they matter.

When people cause harm in our community, we want a justice system which honours the voices of those who have been harmed, and provides healing, restoration, and reconciliation, both for those who have been harmed, and for those who have caused harm.

Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou is committed to advocating for justice policies to be evidence-led. High support wrap-around approaches have been proven to be more effective at addressing youth offending, as well as supporting victims. The Ram Raid Offending and Related Measures Amendment Bill in discussion is not only unsafe and ineffective- it also omits any support structure for young offenders, their whānau and the victims involved.

Evidence-led alternatives to this bill are safer, more effective and within reach, as these alternatives take a ‘life-course approach’ that include a short-term acute response for what is happening today, and mid-term to long-term responses for futureproofing preventative community strengthening in the future.

Read our full letter to government below on alternative solutions to this bill.

Final Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou Charitable Trust Submission on the Ram Raid Offending and Re
Download • 359KB

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