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Pillars Programme TOHU 6 Prepares Youth For The Future

Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou 4-day workshop ‘Tohu 6’ provides rangatahi with support to acquire what they need to enter the workforce and further education.

Pillars prepares children of prisoners for positive  futures

All attendees leave ‘Tohu 6’ with a learner’s driver’s license, bank account, birth certificate, IRD number, email and create CV’s for themselves, dreamboards as well as attend workshops for job interview techniques and a workshop of self-protection and intuition awareness.

All rangatahi successfully completed the programme and passed their learners license test with flying colours!

Driving convictions have been identified by Police as the number one pathway into the justice system for youth. Road accidents are also a high-risk factor for youth in NZ. These key points are at the crux of the prevention strategy of Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou mahi. We added the workshop on self-protection and intuition awareness strategies, to strengthen this Kaupapa of prevention.

Beyond the key documents and skills these youth acquired, they also built a strong network of friendships, in addition to a newfound connection and understanding of their local Police. This strengths-based environment connects our rangatahi back to their community, opening doors and opportunities.

We are so proud of our 16-year-olds and the hard-work and dedication they have to create a positive future for themselves.

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