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Pillars Tamariki has Major Academic Success

Tyson, like many Pillars tamariki, has witnessed significant family harm. With dad in and out of prison, Tyson’s mum, after a turbulent relationship - made a conscious effort to commit to a thriving life for herself and her children.

This led the whānau to Pillars social work programme. Through working with our Social Worker, Tyson has seen significant success in his studies and ended 2022 with a perfect report and two awards at his school prizegiving. He received his Class Award for “being an exceptionally gifted student who shows excellence in all curriculum areas.” His younger sister won this same award for her year level. The other award he received was an award for academic excellence that is only given to one student a year.

Despite what this family has experienced, social workers have supported mums’ strength and the whānau is thriving.

That is the beauty of wrap-around-support, the ability to strengthen existing foundations and build new ones for families to succeed.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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