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Pillars Expands our Tamariki and Rangatahi’s Inner Strength and Builds on Mentoring Connections

Providing tamariki and rangatahi with quality mentor relationships has always been a main priority for Pillars.

Our most recent mentoring event in Christchurch highlighted how events like these can expand our tamariki’s inner strength and have long-lasting positive effects on our mentoring connections.

On Saturday the 4th of December 2021, our Christchurch Pillars whānau made a splash at Aqualand. Though not all confident swimmers, with the help of staff, mentors and family, every single person participated. From swimming in the water, to scaling an inflatable adventure course – our tamariki and rangatahi supported each other every step of the way. One tama with autism lacked confidence in the water. His mentor was able to provide support and help him swim to the inflatable course. Not only was this a huge steppingstone in his personal development, it was also a special moment with his mentor, building confidence and comfort between them.

Giving our Pillars whānau the opportunity to experience something they hadn’t before; while incorporating physical fitness, meant our community gained confidence and strength while being active and having fun alongside their mentors.

Special thanks goes to Aqualand Kaikanui for hosting Pillars for free. Thank you also to The Blogg Charitable Trust for donating funds that provided us with kai on the day. A special shoutout also goes to our Pillars social workers for giving a helping hand where needed.

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