On any given day more than 23,000 children  are affected by having a parent in prison in New Zealand. Without the right support these children are over 9 x more likely than other kiwi kids to end up in prison as adults. 

Children of prisoners are among some of the most vulnerable children in our community. They are in a situation they didn’t choose, yet they face a sentence of their own. They become the invisible victims of crime and can become socially isolated and deprived. They need our support to live positive lives.

Children of prisoners deserve a future like we want all kiwi kids to have – not to be our future prisoners. 

Click here to view a message from Pillars ambassador Miriama Kamo.

Find out how having a Pillars mentor helped turn 14 year old Darryn's life around - click here.

Mentors can make the difference.

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Verna receving the Certificate of Achievement Finalist

Pillars was named finalist in the 2018 Mitre 10 Community of the Year Award.



Just Us is an online community for children of prisoners and their families.

Pillars is a champion for the Children of Prisoners Bill of Rights, download a copy:  Bill of Rights

Order the book: "Contemporary Research & Analysis of the Children of Prisoners".

If you are a professional wanting to make a referral to Pillars download & complete the referral form, then email it to us.

Pillars is a founder and member of the International Coalition for Children of Incarcerated Parent – INCCIP http://inccip.org/


A Pillar of Hope

Check out this story on Maori TV’s Native Affairs programme. Meet Destry who is a busy Dad of three, flies a Hercules in the RNZAF yet has time to mentor a boy with Dad in prison. You can view more of our latest news here.

The big idea

Pillars Founder and Chief Executive Verna McFelin was invited to give a Ted Talk. Verna explains the big idea of how we can reduce our crime rate by helping children of prisoners be the children they were destined to be. Find out more about how Pillars is making impact to break the cycle and strengthen our communities.

Mentors make lasting impact

Meet Pillars volunteer mentor Puneet who was matched with Darryn who has a Dad in prison. Hear about the long lasting impact Puneet has made on Darryn’s life. Pillars are looking for more mentors and sponsors to help children like Darryn. Connect with us today if you are keen to be an everyday hero!

How you can help

Pillars is a children’s charity any New Zealander can feel proud to support. By supporting just one child of a prisoner to have a positive future, you are helping to break a cycle and strengthen our community. With your help, another child can get the support they need.

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We are making generational change

Pillars acknowledges the vital support of the organisations we partner with to deliver our programmes and the valued donors that make Pillars their charity of choice. Together we ARE making a difference for the children of prisoners we support to have a positive, crime-free future.