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Connecting Through COVID: How Pillars Have Continued Supporting The Community

Lockdowns do not place us all in the same boat, but the same storm. Some are on yachts while others are in life-rafts.

Pillars throughout lockdowns have readjusted our kanohi ki te kanohi mahi to best serve our community. The connections we have built with whānau and tamariki are crucial during these highly stressful and uncertain times.

Pillars are still able to do important, practical mahi to meet everyday needs as an essential service. Contactless food parcels, children’s books, PPE, voucher drop offs and phone top ups are still occurring throughout level restrictions; providing for the needs of our community.

Packs of colouring in, mazes and novels have been gifted. These help with learning and give our tamariki fun things to do during lockdown. We have had positive feedback from our community, mentioning how great these have been to keep children entertained during lockdown.

Our social workers have commented that time and time again our whānau have shown resilience and a lot of mana during lockdowns.

Despite the many hardships our whānau face, Pillars will be supporting them every step of the way.

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