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Pillars Visit From The Parliament of Victoria

Pillars had the privilege of speaking with members of The Parliament of Victoria on their inquiry into children affected by parental incarceration.

Social Worker Aroha and Mentoring Coordinator Corrina led the presentation that discussed key social, developmental and health impacts of parental incarceration on children. Pillars was then able to explain how we support our whānau and tamariki through our strengths based, wrap around support, social work programme and mentoring programme that work in tandem with eachother.

Pillars was able to share stories from our communities lived experience, and how we monitor and asses our work to ensure we are truly making a difference.

Members included Chair Fiona Patten, Deputy Chair Dr Tien Kieu and Rodney Barton.

The inquiry is on-going but should be released in the coming months.

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