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“When the sails are strong a ship has no reason to fear turbulence.”

Pillars has set its sails and continued through waves of lockdowns and community cases.

Our whānau has been affected by Covid-19.

We are continuing to provide support throughout levels, lights and step changes. We encourage any of our community to please reach out if you need support during these difficult times.

It is important we build on the connections we have with our volunteers and whānau, supporting our mentoring relationships and journeys. So, we are celebrating the small ways we can interact without being kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face). More recently Pillars tamariki have shared their creativity and contributed to our colouring-in competition. We were overwhelmed with beautiful entries, so a winner was drawn with a lucky hat dip. Our wonderful winner scored tickets to Snowplanet for them and their whānau!

This month Pillars is encouraging our mentees to join the “Good in the hood” challenge – where they must do something positive for their community. You can follow our Facebook page to see all the incredible things our tamariki and rangatahi are doing.

Though scary, turbulent and troubling, Covid-19 has shown us the resilience and strength we have in our Pillars community. We are continuously keeping connected with our whānau and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our community.

Kia mau, kia ū, otirā kia haumaru. Hold fast, stay strong, furthermore be safe.

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